Inner Peace and Balance for Uncertain Times.

Friday 10th July – Friday 7th August, 2020


Over the last few weeks, we have been supporting people with spaces for listening, sharing, connecting and other important aspects of self-care. In particular, we have seen an enormous yearning for meditation and the inner peace that comes with this practice.

One of our Associates, Robin van Raaij, is delighted to offer you some online meditation training. He is an experienced Zen teacher associated with and has adapted his workshop so that you are able to connect with the power of this ancient practice online.

In five online lessons (1.5 hours ), you will learn the art of meditation and how this can be used to manage, navigate and deal with overwhelm, stress and complexity. Robin uses pragmatic methods to help you develop your practice and access the inner peace and balance at the heart of Zen meditation.


Inner peace and resilience

Everyone who meditates regularly experience how much inner peace and insight meditation brings. Scientific research also shows that regular meditation has a positive effect on body and mind, that meditating significantly increases the number of brain cells in certain brain areas, reduces anxiety and depression and even improves our resistance.

What the participants will get out of it

  • In these classes the following themes will be addressed
    • Mediation posture and practice
    • Meditating at home
    • Awareness and consciousness of your emotions and thoughts
    • Resilience through mediation
  • Zen-mediation is practice, not only done on a cushion but also practiced in everyday life. During each class homework suggestions are given to practice what is discussed during class in real live,
  • In the second class, the possibility is introduced for you to have a short and concise one on one conversation with the teacher to address personal meditation related questions.
  • More inner peace and resilience



The lessons are given in 5 consecutive weeks at the same time, Friday 10.00 – 11.30 BST

Class 1: Friday July 10th

Class 2: Friday July 17th

Class 3: Friday July 24th

Class 4: Friday July 31st and

Class 5: Friday August 7th





Before you start this course we encourage you to attend our free ‘Introduction to Zen Meditation’ class on Wednesday 27 May 10.30am BST. Register for the free Introductory To Zen Meditation class here



Investment: £ 75 or “Pay as you can”

The 5-week course normally costs £ 75, however as a response to circumstances created as a result of the COVID pandemic, we are offering this on a “Pay as you can” basis.

About your Instructor – Robin van Raaij

This online live training will be facilitated by Robin van Raaij. Robin has a background in (interim) management and has held executive level positions in both commercial and public sectors. In 2018, he shifted focus to fully focus on supporting people to address their leadership / personal development challenges. He is currently active as a coach, facilitator, (category-1) mindfulness trainer and Zen-meditation teacher, affiliated with His aim is to support you in dealing with the sometimes overwhelming things in life.