Co-Founder, Yoga Mission

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My only wish is to improve the lives of all the children attending my Ashram, respecting their roots and culture. The ancient education system in India was without boundaries of caste, religion or gender. We do our best to engender these principles in our work and to provide a safe environment for our children to study in.

We believe in a better and more peaceful world and hope that children will leave our care as better rounded personalities with specific skills to enable them to support not only themselves but their communities, too.

What is the purpose of your charity or social enterprise?

Our charity was set up in 2009 with the mission of providing a free of cost holisitic education to the most underprivileged children in India, relieving poverty, advancing education, arts and culture for them and their families, 7days a week 365 days a year.

The very foundation of our education project is built on yoga and meditation as a way of life for finding real happiness and peace.

What needs are you trying to meet in the world?

Recently UNESCO said that 90% of poor children after 4 years of education remained illiterate, our mission is to fight this problem providing a better education, and therefore we have three areas addressing specific groups of kids:

  1. After school “school”: we provide remedial classes teaching all the core subjects such as Hindi, Maths, English, Sanskrit and Computer Studies as well as special spoken English and reading classes.
  2. Nursery: actual school for nursery and kindergarten children.
  3. Residential kids: this project is for children from far off villages that may be orphaned or very poor who need a residential education.

We provide food, books, clothing and other materials to all aforesaid children, as well as extracurricular activities such as art & craft, classical dance, cricket and football.

How do you want the coaching to help you?

One of our aims is to nurture our children into becoming teachers and leaders themselves so I need to learn how to nourish our team to become our leaders. I hope that by receiving this coaching that it will reach deep into the roots of our project in a positive way.

What difference will the Coaching make?

We are a fast-growing project in an area (Varanasi) with more need than we can help with, with the current structure and infrastructure, which is highly dependent on me and the cofounder, Devatma Dubey. We need training and development as well as tools to build a strong and dependable team. We need advice as to how to grow our organization to maximize the talents that we have and to learn how we can do better with what we have and additionally what do we need.


 What impact will the coaching have on your organisation?

Without coaching we are unsure about what our leaders actual role should be, what steps to take next and how to keep our strong foundation whilst growing.

The undoubted impact is that we will be able to grow and help more children without dropping our high standards.


Total Funding Needed: £800

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