General Practitioner Registrar. Burundian Medical Fellowship NGO


Egide Haragirimana is a founder of hcsmBDI. I am a general practioner registrar, soon to be graduated as a doctor at The University of Burundi. I am community organizer, project leader, project manager and idea generator. I have been working with a U.S mission in Bujumbura to help students access to ICT by training them on basic computer science. With the project, I have been training more than 300 students on elementary computer science. I work with the Young Professionals Chronic Diseases Network (YP-CDN) based in Boston. It is a global movement tackling non-communicable diseases. I co-found and am deputy leader of Burundian Medical Fellowship.

I have been volunteering for 3 years taking part in health campaign awareness by educating population on chronic diseases. I have taken part in the NextGen Leaders Symposium organized by YP-CDN; the goal was to empower youth on advocacy.

My interest is global health, access to medicines, advocacy, access to ICT for sustainable health, e-health. I believe that if we work together, we can change our communities therefore the whole population. No one deserves to live the diseases alone. We have to act and change the lives of others.

What is the purpose of your charity or social enterprise?

Our purpose is educate people how to prevent from diseases by making campaigns especially on chronic diseases such as non communicable diseases et chronic infections. We are a group of young professionals dedicated to volunteer in our community. We have been working since 2013.we have done medical campaigns in upcountry on non- communicable diseases by screening and educating population. We also work on empowering youth through English and computer skills program because our country used French and has integrated east African community that use English. Furthermore, most of medical students are from countryside with low income. Computer skills program help them to write their thesis and do research. We usually post our activities on our facebook group and page called Burundian medical fellowship.

What needs are you trying to meet in the world?

The need I want is to find more partners to support us especially NGOs operating in the same field. We have one partner who gives us few laptops. By networking, we hope to get other partners to support our project therefore we will train more. We are overwhelmed by requests of students. Because there is lack of computers, we only train 40 students per two months.

How do you want the coaching to help you?

The coaching will help me to be more powerful in: Networking, Fundraising, Capacity-Building, Advocacy and Leadership

What difference will the Coaching make?

The coaching will make a huge difference. In our country, no coaching available and you cannot find a coach. Since our beginning we have done many mistakes and we discover them later and there other mistakes we don’t know that make us less strong. With this coaching done by kairos project which has experienced coach, I am very confident that my way of finding partners, fundraising, capacity-building, advocacy and leadership will totally change and my association will gain more with good and rapid outcomes.


What impact will the coaching have on your organisation?

The coaching will impact more my organization in these ways:

  • I will train my team on skills I have learnt
  • With skills learnt, I will find new partners that would help me to do more campaigns and advocacy on NCDs also to train more students
  • Capacity-building learnt will shape more our organization and every member will be reliable
  • As I will find other ways of working, my organization will benefit from me, my team will be empowered as a result we will work in a good way therefore be reliable to the community we serve.

Total Funding Needed: £800

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