Our Privacy Policy

The Kairos Project takes seriously the holding of personal data in Chronos, other forms of computer based media and in paper format. And indeed confidentiality and respect for personal information is at the heart of the relationships we build with people. For this reason we aim to comply with the data protection principles set out by legislation in the UK. Please follow this link to see the 8 guiding principles

The Kairos Project aims to comply fully with European Data Protection law which requires “Member States to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular their right to privacy with respect to the processing of personal data”, as implemented by the UK parliament in the 1998 Data Protection Act (DPA).

If you ever have any concerns or questions then please do make these known to the Associate that you are working with.

In addition we want you to know that we store this data for these reasons:
  • email address(es) for communication with
    • your Associate
    • your own Project Leader
    • your Kairos Project Leader
    • adminsitratiion of our on-line system Chronos - e.g. for password recovery
  • email, telephone numbers and Skype type contact details for
    • coaching related communication
    • project related communication
    • communicating with you directly about opportunites and status with The Kairos Project and future follow-up or check-in after you have completed a project with us
  • Documents or records that you have created
    • your personal preferences for choosing an Associate to work with
    • your personal objectives for the project you are working on
    • notes and comments that you may make on your sessions. Please note that these are held in complete confidence and are not visible to anyone other than the Kairos Associate you are working with
    • your agreement to contract terms and this data policy (thank you!)
    • the organisational objectives for the project you are working on
  • Role information to aid the understanding of the Assoicate(s) working with you
  • Your preferred language and the Country where you live and work
    • so that we may always have best possible person working with you
    • so that we can offer the best possible scheduling across time zones
  • And lastly we use non-personalised, summarised information to report
    • to the relvant government and regulatory authorities
    • to our trustees and funders
  • GDPR - General Date Protection Reulation 2018

We will NEVER share you data with another organsation or individual outside of The Kairos Project.

We promise to post any update to our policy on this page which you can visit at any time to check the latest status