Our Value Proposition


we are able to offer excellent executive coaching at low rates for the following reasons:

1. we harness the spare capacity that exists in the coaching world. Our Associate Coaches have committed to reduce their rates in exchange for dynamic work that matters

2. we have extremely low central costs at The Kairos Project – we are a virtual coaching community.

3. we share all our central resources with other Kairos Project centres – online delivery platform, as well as legal, administrative, finance requirements

4. we ourselves have set up as a social diuretics enterprises. Our measure of success is the breadth of impact that we have among social enterprises. We are for profit as we want to be a viable business to sustain our work but human matters, not profit, is our purpose.


we make coaching understandable, effective and measurable; we also ensure that the coaching process is supervised, monitored and qualified.

1. we work with you to identify where coaching will have maximum impact

2. we help you set up and evaluate the coaching intervention

3. we support and challenge you throughout the coaching process

4. we qualify, manage and supervise coaches and teams of coaches for you

5. we organise and give visibility to all the spare coaching capacity worldwide

6. offer community of shared learning