Executive coaching for Succession Team


To develop the talented individuals within Street Games into the leaders of the future for the organisation and the sector as a whole.

Need to develop competency of middle leaders in a period of rapid growth with better informed and more effective decision-making and implementation.


Summary directly from Deputy CEO, Mark Lawrie:

Greater productivity; greater capability of managers; and significant improvement of the skills with individuals.

Happiness related to personal investment through coaching has had a positive influence – putting the value of the individual before the needs of the organisation.

Better equipped to understand and work to strengths


“Something I will recommend to anyone who is prepared to listen and something that the learning from will stay with me for the rest of my career”.

Mark Lawrie, Deputy CEO, Street Games

“Overall I found the coaching incredibly useful and powerful for me and was a great help at a key time in my life and career”.

John Downes

“I have had an extremely positive coaching experience. I have learnt things about myself which have improved my ability to be creative”.

Justin Pryce