Forward Foundation


We enable young people living tough lives to secure a fulfilling and productive livelihood – a career they can be proud of

1. Our Approach

  • We support emerging organisations to find new ways to transform young lives.
  • We build their capability so they can support and scale their fresh thinking.
  • We create and run our own projects to support young people.

2. Our Offerings

  • Funding: We give one year funding of up to £50,000 for either core or project costs.
  • Expertise: We supply digital and other types of expertise, from us, our founder Forward and other partners.
  • Connections: We bring people together to collaborate, share and learn.
3. Our Focus

We focus on five main ways to help young people achieve their potential:

  1. Engagement.
    We engage young people in positive activities to get them on the right path to improving their life chances.
  2. Positive thinking.
    We help young people to develop positive traits that will enable them to flourish in life. We focus on 3 things that we think will make a big difference – purpose, confidence and grit.
  3. Learning.
    We equip young people with knowledge and skills through formal and informal education.
  4. Employability.
    We prepare young people for the world of work by developing their soft skills, providing work experience and helping them to market themselves.
  5. Work.
    We create employment and business opportunities to enable young people to shine.