Changemakers - love what you do


Executive Coaching for SMT and Leadership Coaches


To improve the performance of each Changemaker coach; produce higher quality work and operate more effectively and efficiently – both as individuals and in team.

To embed coaching values further into the organization – where the coachees become more aware of where and when they are aligned to their values and how values-based leadership is beneficial. i.e. we practice what we preach more.


Directly from Sophie Ashton, Manager of Training & Development:

Changemaker coach leaders are more focused, assertive and working more effectively in flow.

Organization saved on human resourcing; coaches developed confidence to deliver on their own and take on additional responsibilities.

Coaching led to greater retention of young people on the Changemaker Programmes. Coach leaders operating at a more sustainable level – avoiding burn out and discontent with work.
Greater role satisfaction – higher engagement of staff.


“Peter’s coaching has helped drive tangible improvements in myself that have directly benefited the organisation I work for”.

Martin Sharman, COO, Changemakers

“I would sum up my experience as evocative, challenging and enlightening. It has been enjoyable and challenging in a positive but very apparent way. I have a great deal of admiration for my coach.”

Ben Harness, Leadership Coach, Changemakers

“Really good, but I think that is down to the coach I had. Jo Heeson was so supportive and very knowledgeable.”

Adam Clemens, Leadership Coach, Changemakers