Campaign to Protect Rural England


Executive Coaching for Directors and Senior Managers


CPRE had an overarching desire to be more effective, both nationally and locally.

The coaching was focused on improving the performance of 6 key senior executives by developing: how they work, individually, collectively and with their respective teams (e.g. improving their self-confidence, developing their personal skills and changing their behaviours).


Directly from Julian Purvis, Financial Director:

There have been significant changes in thinking, language and ideas. Ultimately coaching is a key component to enabling charities, such as ours, in achieving better outcomes for society.

Directly from Linda Allen, Director of Fundraising:

(The coaching) came at a time when I need to influence this (cultural) change and it enabled me to do this more confidently.

We are working on a major donor programme and given the right tools we can grow this income stream to £500,000 per year.


“Value in the coaching? Learning to take a step back from situations. Accepting that putting down roots doesn’t need to be constraining and thinking about how I want to present myself.”

Jenny Craig, Director of Campaigns and Communication

“Having initially had doubts about the value of coaching in current circumstances, I feel I have gained significant benefits from the experience”.

Neil Sinden, Director of Policy & Campaigns