Our advocates

About our coaching 

The coaching was thoughtful, challenging and insightful. I very quickly felt that I was in a safe space and I enjoyed Peter’s style. We explored emotional and physiological areas that I hadn’t expected and it made me think deeply about certain situations. Peter was able to question my verbal diarrhea in a way that took us to the heart of what was going on. I learnt to understand my body language better than ever before and we created solutions/ techniques. I have felt the impact of the coaching and been different in situations that have benefited the organisation.

Martin Sharman, Changemakers, COO

The most powerful part of my coaching sessions with Alexandra has been the empowering nature of our conversations. I’ve learnt self management and in doing so understood that in order to successfully self manage myself I must first accept both positive and negative emotions from within.

Ben Harness, Changemakers, Leadership Coach

About our coaches

Really good, but I think that is down to the coach I had. Jo Heeson was so supportive and very knowledgeable. I was happy with the matching of coaches.

Adam Clements, Changemaker, Leadership Coach

Maria’s infectious energy and enthusiasm have really invigorated my approach to business planning and funding, and given me the feeling that there is alot more to uncover.

Lucinda Cary, Founder, Shootstraight

About the benefits

Enormous. Very difficult to sum up in a few sentences.  A significant number of ‘light-bulb moments’ about the way I am in work and personally and the support to apply a different way of thinking and being to get better results.

It has changed the way I approach interactions with my colleagues, the way I behave in leading meetings and the way I consider my role within the organisation substantially.

Mark Lawrie, Street Games, Deputy Head

As I said above, I got a huge amount from the programme.  I feel it helped me be more effective in work and dealing with some difficult situations, however the greatest benefit was of a wider impact on my life. The use of centring helps me focus, but also not take work home to my family.  I also feel I have a focus about who I am and what I want to achieve and do in the future.

John Downes, Street Games

I have had an extremely positive coaching experience. I have learnt things about myself which have improved my ability to be creative. The experience has changed my outlook on all areas of my life, and I feel I have discovered some practical ways to be the best version of myself and work and at play.

Justyn Price, Street Games