2018 Leadership Teleclass


Introduction to Mindfulness for Stress Management

Thursday 17th May, 3pm UK Time (GMT+1)

Facilitated by Ainhoa Campo

Our everyday behaviour and choices are mainly based on automatisms and we are not always aware of the reasons that drive our elections. This “automatic” behavior is in the roots of a lot of the stress we are feeling. The objective of our Mindfulness-based programs and teleclasses is to break the cycle of action-reaction by bringing awareness to our thoughts, emotions, body and actions.

This tele-call will provide a space to learn the bases of Mindfulness sitting meditation. The call is designed to be mainly practical

Participants will:

  • Learn what Mindfulness is and what they can develop with its regular practice
  • Learn the basis of a Mindfulness breathing meditation.
  • Be able to practice the bases of Mindfulness at home after the teleclass.
  • Through personal practice, they will be able to:
    • Be able to increase their energy levels
    • Be able to reduce their stress levels
    • Be able to increase their attention and concentration levels through practice.

“The moment of power is always the now.”  – Eckhart Tolle

About the Facilitator

Ainhoa Campi is an executive and life coach, facilitator, psychologist and entrepreneur whose deepest desire is to bring the potential of people to its highest performance.

She has worked with corporate and self-owned businesses. For her, it is the integral development of the individual as a human being that brings out exceptional managers, workers and leaders.

As facilitator she holds seminars focused on creativity, stress management and also Mindfulness.

Ainhoa has spent 4 years studying with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme, Ainhoa is clear that to change the world you need to first begin with yourself.



Mindfulness Teleclass Registration

This teleclass will be hosted on Zoom Meetings. Once you have registered your contact and payment details, you will be sent a unique Meeting ID within 48hours. If you do not receive your Meeting ID, please contact [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.