Will it be a new year for you? What will change?

In the movie “The Fight Club”, Brad Pitt puts a gun against the head of a man flipping burgers in a fast food joint. Bluntly, he asks “What do you really want to do” and the man mumbles “be a doctor” at which point Brad says “if you are not on your way to becoming a doctor in a week’s time, I will blow your brains out”.

What does it take to move towards what you want; in fact will you get what you want in the next week? Is that such a silly timeframe? Most people find making changes extremely hard and even harder to sustain.


So will 2017 deliver the results you want; will you get to where you want to get to; if you know you want to put some changes in place but not sure how, perhaps you should have a word with us. Don’t worry we will not put a gun against your head.

Funnily enough, The Kairos Project came about because our first client declared “This year will be different, I will be different. I will climb a dream, Mt Blanc”.?