Team coaching is a highly effective way of transforming a group of efficient individuals into a highly effective team. It is the process by which individuals move from working in isolation to working with shared purpose; it is the moment when the collective mindset shifts from “I am one “to “we are one”.

There are many components that are needed in this process – trust, alignment, clarity, frameworks, communication. However transformation starts when people are brave enough to show up in the room and be seen for who they are.

Some of the reason that our clients seek out team coaching are: bringing a new team together; needing to re-energise and rally a team around tough targets; addressing complete breakdown in communication and clear alignment; needing innovation and creativity, not the same old results; looking for commitment and engagement with restructuring; shifting sub-standard performance.

Team Coaching

The Framework

Set Up Phase

Identify and Align Personal and Organisational Objectives

Programme Phase

Group Coaching sessions and Individual Coaching Sessions

Review Phase

Individual and Team Assessment