People come to our LTC program because they wake up one morning and wonder “how on earth is my team going to achieve all that we need to achieve”. CEOs, Directors, the SMT carry a lot on their shoulders – there are jobs on the line, restructuring is inevitable, power centers need to shift, funding sources are drying up.

Capacity building is about exploring unknowns, challenging old assumptions; getting excited about being different, being more; teams break out of “that’s the way it is” to “what else is possible?” seeing more options and making different choices.

We do this by combining one-to-one coaching with a learning experience; the coaching generates insights and awakens new possibilities, the learning experience embeds all the learning and builds new capacity one day at a time.

The outcomes that our clients are looking for are: significant transformation in team performance through developing relationships; long-term learning and development program that brings in real sustainable change and impact; radical shift in team energy, commitment and engagement; and as a by-product – more fun, lightness, laughter and happiness throughout the organisation.

Leadership Through Challenges

The Framework

Set Up Phase

Identify and Align Personal or Team Objectives

Programme Phase

One-to-one coaching: 12 sessions
over 9 months
Learning journey: Challenge Preparation and Execution over 9 months

Review Phase

Face-to-face Interview, Feedback Papers, 360 review