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Based on the work of Fred Laloux, our experiential workshop gives individuals and organisations the opportunity to experience the Laloux’s knowledge integrated with body and movement techniques, live music, self-observation and co-learning. Please join us on Thursday June 13th at Twyford Abbey, London.

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We partner with our clients to help them increase their funding capability,
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Street Games

Mark Lawrie
Deputy CEO

The Foundation

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Dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to align all our efforts with the SDGs by providing subsidised leadership development and coaching for not-for-profits worldwide.
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This program contributed tremendously not only to my development as Director, but development of my organization. At the beginning, when this program was offered to me, I thought to myself “Another task to my huge load of work”. Starting from the first session, I felt lucky I was involved in this program. Every session gave me a new idea and reinforced my desire to do this work. This program empowered me as director of this Women’s Fund and contributed to the development of my organization. My coach was really experienced, and her work was very effective. We built an open, trusting and friendly relationship during this period.


Director, The International Network of Women’s Funds - MGWF

In this world where you can look up solutions to just about everything online, it helps to have personalised solutions to your struggles. It was nice having a coach who listens and guides you to come up with solutions yourself, make you realise that you actually have the solution. My coaching sessions have gotten me to be so much more proactive in all aspects of my life and raised my self-belief to levels I didn’t think possible.

Matthew Hawi

Regional Administrator - East and Southern Africa, Global Greengrants Fund

I really looked forward to my coaching sessions, which took me on an emotional but rewarding journey. I learned more about myself and how to contain any anxiety and stress with a really easy to remember strategy and came out of the sessions feeling empowered and more confident. I would highly recommend this coaching to others.

Julie Brennan

Senior Training Coordinator, Street Games

Having coaching sessions with Alexandra Montgomery via the Kairos Project was like the most wonderful affirmation of that fact – that life and leadership are indeed squiggly, and that’s ok. It made me more keenly aware of the interplay between the different parts of myself and how that impacts who I am in both my work and personal life. It re-opened some rusty routes and lessons I had already come across in the past but helped me ‘know’ them for the first time.

It gave me the tools to increase my adaptive resilience and to relish in the aim of becoming a leader embodying “a clear mind, warm heart and strong presence”. I’m now embedding coaching across my management team as it works with the individual in such transformational ways that it ripples across the organisation right across to the people whose lives as a charity we wish to change.

Debbie Geraghty

Executive Director, Plymouth Music Zone

The Kairos Project provided flexible and responsive high quality coaching, which was positive and reinforcing. This has effectively developed and enhanced some of my working practice, and given me helpful tools to assess and respond to new opportunities and challenges.

CJ Mitchell

Co-Director, Live Art Development Agency, London

My coaching experience was extremely positive. The process was flexible and tailored to me. My coach took the time to understand me and my needs, but also stretched and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone! A very worthwhile experience, in which I learnt so many practical tips and tools to use in my everyday (working) life.

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