Previous Guest Speakers

Adrio Bacchetta, Sandstone Consulting


Finding the right vector: How NGOs working to be both globally and locally relevant

Consultant to many international NGOs, Adrio will speak about 3 forces which he believes are shaping the world of federated NGOs and not-for-profits.

  1. Centrifugal force outwards to delegate, de-centralise
  2. What brings us back together – accountability, processes, principles
  3. Interconnecting force, relationships, spider-web


Using his experience with organisations such as MSF, Oxfam, Greenpeace and Action Aid, he will explain why INGOs are active in trying to:

  1. Strengthen of international coherence
  2. lever off local rootedness to drive global relevance
  3. build more robust accountability systems.

He will illustrate how organisations are doing this to meet the emerging future. He will mention the different approaches, what seems to be working well and what the challenges are; both for the institutions and those leading them.

Adrio Bacchetta will provide both knowledge and a space for reflection and group interaction. The call is designed to stimulate thought for all associates and give them the essential context for working with NGO and not-for-profits in this sector.

Associates will:

  • have their eyes opened to the inner working of the biggest international NGOs in the world
  • understand the current forces at play in shaping new structures and working practices within these organisations
  • draw valuable learning and context for our coaching from an expert that has been working in the third sector for much of his life


About the Guest Speaker

An engineer by professional background, Adrio has worked in the field of humanitarian action and non-profit management since 1997.

He has occupied management positions at project, country, regional operational portfolio and executive director level. He has worked on a wide range of humanitarian projects and contexts implemented in Central, South and East Asia, Latin America, Europe, South and Central Africa.

Adrio is experienced in the areas of governance, organisational strategy, executive reorganisation, accountability and evaluation. He has in depth knowledge of international/ transnational NGO structures, humanitarian policy and operational/program management.



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Eliza Buckley, IVAR

Beyond Money – what is funding plus?

As co-author of Beyond Money and researcher at IVAR, Eliza Buckley will share with us her perspective on the Funding Plus Landscape. This is essential for the Kairos Project to understand because our service is the Plus part. Grantmakers are re-focusing their energies on how to support their grantees with more than money.

The growth in trusts and foundations practising funding plus is also based on a view that simply handing out money will not achieve lasting or meaningful results, as well as a desire to ensure that organisations receiving foundations’ financial support have the capacity, means and strength to perform more effectively.

Participants will:

  • Understand this new way of thinking among foundations to go beyond money and increase impact through a range of other supports
  • Learn about the two broad categories of funding plus:
    • Capacity building’ – activity focused on helping
to develop skills or competencies of individual grantees, or of organisations working in a particular field or on a specific issue.
    • Influence’ – activity focused on influence in order to achieve change in public policy and/or practice, and/or attitudes.
  • Discover the drivers and purpose of Funding Plus
  • Understand the benefits and success of Funders Plus model and what might be The Kairos Project role in this.


About the Guest Speaker

As senior researcher at IVAR, Eliza’s work has included leading a major UK study of high engagement funding practices, research exploring the role of independent funding in the current economic climate and IVAR’s current work on place-based approaches.

She has has over 10 years experience in research, project management and communications in the voluntary sector. She has trained in research methods to postgraduate level and has wide knowledge of qualitative research in charitable and academic settings. She previously held research, communications and policy roles at organisations including the National Children’s Bureau Research Centre, National Literacy Trust and Child Poverty Action Group. This experience has included delivery and management of large government projects and research contracts for the Department of Education.


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Josephine Flight, Consulting & Coaching, Freelance

How to approach mental wellbeing in the coaching space

 Josephine is a Big Four trained management consultant and accredited executive coach, counsellor and psychologist. Josie will share some ideas about how to identify and address mental wellbeing issues during a coaching session.

Using her experience from working in mental health and coaching, she will explain why she believes there is:

  1. A crossover between counselling/psychotherapy and coaching
  2. A gap in coaching training around addressing mental wellbeing
  3. A need for coaches to utilise a more structured conversation

She will then provide:

  1. An overview of what is meant by the term ‘mental health’
  2. Some basic steps to use within a coaching conversation
  3. A review of mental health diagnoses with warning signs


Josie will provide knowledge and space for reflection and group interaction. The call is designed to stimulate thought for all associates and give them the essential context for addressing mental health issues as they arise during a coaching session.

Participants will:

  • Increase their understanding of mental health signs and symptoms
  • Understand what they might do within the boundaries of the coaching relationship to address a potential mental health issue


About the Guest Speaker

A management consultant by training, Josephine has worked and trained in the field of mental health since 2013. She also has over six years business experience working with leading FTSE 100 companies, large governmental departments, private banks, the NHS and start-ups.

Josephine was motivated to move to business psychology after training in counselling. She felt many business problems were ultimately psychological and thought this was a meaningful space to pursue.

She has developed a deep understanding of people and behaviour. Her work focuses on producing creative, evidenced-based solutions where business crosses over with psychology and personal development.


If you would like to receive a recording of Josephine’s session, please email [email protected]