2018 Associate Event

For The Kairos Project Associates Only

Constellations Workshop

Friday 21st September, 1pm (GMT+1)

TKP is hosting an internal pilot Constellations afternoon, facilitated by the very experienced Gerhard Walper.

‘Family Constellations’ is a practical method to bring to light hidden dynamics in a family or organisation – it allows us to discover the bonds of family past, each involuntarily expressed through our feelings, desires, behaviours, reactions and diseases.  These invisible bonds of Love (entanglements) that affect our lives can metabolise in the form of a limitation or a chronic discomfort. When recognized and accepted, become new forces in the service of (our) Life.

This is a unique opportunity to constellate not only TKP organisational and other internal/external themes but also an opportunity for Associates to gain experience in the constellation space, how they can use it in Coaching and also constellate any individual issues.



Gerhard Walper studied pedagogy, psychology and sociology (diploma in educational sciences). He started his training in Family Constellations in 1988 as one of Bert’s early students. In 1992 he set up his first constellations at his own institute “Taunus-Institut für Systemaufstellungen”. He still sees himself as a student of Bert Hellinger as an infinite learning process and perspicuous initiation in “Hellinger®sciencia – the science of love in human relationships”. He also learned and worked with Jakob Schneider and studied organisational constellations with Dr. Gunthard Weber for four years.