Spaces for Listening:

One-to-one Coaching, Facilitated Conversations and Guest Speakers


In times like these, it is natural for us to get into doing, be busy, take action. Our anxiety and fears move us to come up with solutions, seek learning and adapt quickly.

This “doing” undoubtedly serves us. And, at the same time, it serves us to pause, reflect and listen. In this listening is a wealth of wisdom – perspective, new thinking, wholeness, acceptance, connection and simply being.

This is why we are delighted to offer you three spaces for reaching into your listening – firstly through our one-to-one coaching initiative – Connect/Reinvent, secondly via our Facilitated Conversation – Connect/Voices and thirdly, via Connect/Guest Speakers.

COVID 19 is a catalyst for change. Our norm has been disrupted, forever. Across the globe, COVID is challenging our mindsets, worldview and understanding of what it means to be human. For some, their leading question may be practical – what will my job look like after this crisis. For others, the question may be more spiritual – how do I want to be in this world going forward?

All three Listening Spaces are able to offer you an opportunity to connect with your experiences and feelings at a deeper level; a place to place to bring your unanswered questions in confidence and a place to share with others in community.

This is an opportunity, perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity, to connect into the heart of what matters to you and what you care about. And to use this shocking moment to awaken all that is meaningful for you.

One-to-one Coaching

For the months of April and May, we are making all our coaches available for anyone in need at no charge.

Simply click on this link, select your required date and see which coaches are available for a 1-hour coaching session with you.


Facilitated Conversations

Every two weeks, we will be running a 1-hour facilitated conversation on themes that, we hope, will generate rich meaningful conversations, for supporting you and your new reality. Please do come and join us.


1. Turning inwards when the fear is outwards. Mindfulness class:

Friday 3rd April, 10:30 BST

2. How do you lead in a world that changes every 24 hours?
Friday 17th April, 12:00 BST

3. Working from home – be careful what you wish for.
Thursday 30th April, 12:00 BST

4. We’re in this for the long haul. Let’s talk resilience.
Friday 15th May, 12:00 BST

5. Introduction to Zen Meditation  

Wednesday 27th May, 10:00 BST


Guest Speakers

Every month, we will be running a 1-hour session on a wide range of subjects that we hope will challenge all your pre-conceptions and biases and open up new horizons. Please do come and join us:
Friday 22nd May, 12:00 BST


Dr William Bloom is one of the UK’s leading educators in a holistic approach to meditation and health. In this webinar developed especially for Kairos friends, he will explain and guide you through effective and easy strategies that will build peace of mind and inner strength. These are strategies that you can use immediately wherever and whenever you want. They are grounded in the best of mindfulness, neuroscience and mind-body healthcare. William will explain precisely how these techniques work and guide you through how to use them.

The session will consist of:
15 mins explanation — 15 mins guided exercise — 15 mins Q&A

About Dr William Bloom: As well as his background in holistic health and education, William is also deeply aligned with the ethos of the Kairos Project. His doctorate is in international relations from the LSE where he also lectured in ‘Psychological Problems in International Relations.’ He lived for two years off-grid in the High Atlas Mountains of southern Morocco and for nine years ran an inner city drop-in centre for refugees and adults returning to learning in London. His books include; The Endorphin Effect and Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations.

I was very happy with what we were able to do in just an hour. There were moments of real depth in our conversation which was lovely.

Connect Coachee

I learned that I actually have a lot of clarity regarding how to overcome a key challenge I’m facing in my work; I just needed to set aside the time to talk through the issue with the guidance of someone else.

Connect Coachee

My coach invited me to describe, visually, the issue I felt was ‘in the way’ and then just asked me to be present to it and to sit with it for a while – this very quickly shifted the way I felt and my perception of the problem.

Connect Coachee