Savitri is an executive coach, transformation facilitator and scuba diver. Her purpose is to evoke transformation in Leaders through raising their consciousness and to do good for the world.

As executive coach, she works with C’s level executives and seasoned leaders in Indonesia. She was trained on Ontological Coaching by the Newfield Network in 2010 and has been accredited NCC by the Newfield Network.

As a transformation facilitator, she was trained and certified by Corporate Evolution as a Lead Facilitator for modules Personal Transformation through Values. She also completed her Master Class Train the Trainer from MMS Worldwide Institute. She has worked on Wikasatrian Leadership Program in Indonesia and delivered a series of unique leadership program based on indigenous wisdom from various tribes in Indonesia.

As a scuba diver, Savitri adds at least 50 dives in her dive log a year, diving at Indonesia’s best reef ; Alor, Ternate, Bali and Komodo. Combining her love of scuba diving and nature conservation, Savitri actively involved in coral transplantation activities. Currently she hold PADI Advanced Diver certification that allow her to dive to a maximum depth of 40 meter. She aim to pursue Master Dive certification by 2018.

Always in gratitude and in awe of Indonesia’s culture and nature diversity and richness, she has travelled within Indonesia and stayed with 12 tribes in Indonesia for the past 3 years, with the intention to learn from their practices and wisdom. She puts her highest intention to live with 3 tribes every year and publish her journal every 3 years. With as many as 700 tribes in Indonesia, this become her lifelong learning journey.

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