Rehab is a cross-cultural trainer, facilitator and a global citizen coach. She works with international schools, organizations and individuals; and is equally at home coaching in Arabic or English. Rehab is the founder of EWest Connect, a company committed to helping teams and individuals to understand the psychology of crossing culture and its impact on all those concerned. Research has shown that a lack of this understanding is an underlying cause of poor work performance, demotivation and personality conflict in expatriates. Rehab’s work incorporates organizations, families and couples transitioning between East and West as well as those who are returning to their passport country aiming to settle back into meaningful lifestyles. Rehab’s vision is to bring cultural awareness, understanding and harmony. She believes diazepamhome that culture is an essential part of the human life equation, from what we wear, eat, celebrate and value to how we think, judge, behave and act. Culture is at the heart of all we do and pre-determines how we shape up in the world.

Rehab Abbas

London, England