Peter Baily is an executive coach, mountaineer and creative soul. His deepest desire is to see a sustainable world in his lifetime.

As executive coach, he works with CEOs and Senior Managers in Social Enterprises, NGOs and Charities including MSF, Friends of the Earth, 38 Degrees, Oak Foundation and Global Greengrants. He was trained by the Newfield Network in 2008 and has been accredited ACC by the International Coaching Federation and NCC by the Newfield Network. He is also a coach for TED Fellows and entrepeneurs at the Unreasonable Institute. Through his coaching practice, Because It’s There Ltd, he has worked on Robert Swan’s Leadership programme in Antarctica and also developed and delivered a unique programme in the Alps for children on Sustainability.

As mountaineer, Peter has not been idle. He has climbed many of the Big Walls in Yosemite, several of the highest peak in the Himalayas and most of the 4000s in the Alps. Through these experiences, he has come to understand a lot about human nature; why we do things, what keeps us going; what makes us effective; what makes teams successful. Recently, he was asked to speak at the Royal Geographical Society on Mountains and Spirituality alongside Doug Scott, George Band and Stephen Venerables.

As creative soul, he has always been driven by “Why not?” and “Let’s give it a try”. He started his career as a copywriter in advertising creating award-winning campaigns for ESPN, Neil Pride, Watson Water; he was the Marketing Director of – voted Online Super Brand in 1999; and he invested and work at Crussh Juice Bars directing the marketing, HR and store rebranding. The company is now 25 stores from 8.

Always looking for creative projects, he has sung in bands, acted in plays and initiated street theatre. His mantra – carpe diem.

Peter Baily

London, UK