Laura is a Newfield trained coach and facilitator with 20 year experience working in the learning en development industry. She has a firm desire to be of use in the world and aligning with forces that create love, care and beauty in life. It matters to her to be part of The Kairos Project because it is one way to put her skillset to use in making the world a slightly better place.

Red thread in Laura’s working life has been creating space for those conversations that need to be had. The conversations that really matter to people in order to grow, evolve and change into new ways and possibilities. The base for Laura’s coaching is the concept that each of us is a different observer; we see the world as we are. Questioning our observer, and how we see the world enables us to move beyond our current self and into new ways of being. To Laura it is a real privilege and joy to be a space holder for and witness of those conversations. Seeing another human being transform through conversations is just beautiful to her.

For the last 10 years Laura has worked internationally and she works in English and Dutch. She is a good listener – to what is said and what’s not said – and creates trust easily in her coaching relationships. She is often described as caring, passionate, reliable, energetic, professional and inspirational.

Laura Werner

The Netherlands