One-to-one executive coaching is a powerful way to develop your people; as the name suggest, it is a personal and relationship-based engagement. It can be used as an isolated intervention with a single individual or as group initiative. Executive Coaching looks to help an individual generate new futures and new results; it is loosely structured around three questions –

Where do you want to get to?

Where are you now?

What is getting in the way?

The Framework

Set Up Phase

Identify and Align on Objectives

Programme Phase

Coaching sessions; Client/Kairos Reviews; Coach Support

Review Phase

Mid-term review and Completion Review

The Outcome

Coaching is less about changing us and more about expanding and growing who we are; we become more aware of how we behave and how we impact others; we work through old narratives that hold us back, and look at new emotions that take us forward; we start to see and access the infinite resource that lies within us and, from here, start to understand, perhaps for the first time, words like resilience, capacity, innovation and leadership.

Our Packages

Individual Executive Package

This is 6 x 1-hour coaching session over three months, roughly 1 session every 2 weeks.

Cost: £1500

Organisation Executive Package

This 24 x 1-hour coaching session – these can be use across a group of individuals or team.

Cost: £4800