2017 Associate Teleclasses

For The Kairos Project Associates Only

We are dedicated to the Continued Professional Development of our team.
Each month, one of our associates will give a teleclass on their area of expertise.
Please get in touch if there is a class you would be interested in joining.

Paresh Kanani

 Tuesday 23rd May, 12pm GMT

The power of breath as a Coaching and Life Management Tool

Do you ever feel stressed, life is getting too much for you sometimes, low energy, too much thought activity, difficulty sleeping, get nervous, forget your ‘lines’? Did you know that we all have an under utilised free tool, available 24/7, to help you manage all aspects of your life and more?  Our Breath is our secret ‘hidden’ tool to help us manage all aspects of our life – this tele-class will explore the power of breath and different breathing techniques to use in our lives and as a Coaching tool.

Participants will:

•     Explore what we mean by breath, why is it is an invaluable ‘free’ tool in Life and Coaching.

•     Understand how to use Breath and Breathing techniques as a personal and Coaching tool.

•     Learn and experience practical Breathing techniques.


About the Facilitator

Paresh Kanani is an investor as well as being an executive coach who works with individuals, family offices, for profit and not for profit organisations to create personal and business transformations through facilitation, mediation, yoga and Ontological Coaching. He spent over 20 years working in senior positions with Banks, in New York and London, and family offices in a variety of different roles. Paresh has been mentoring and advising individuals and teams throughout his business career. He has invested in start–up businesses, provided informal coaching and mentoring as a Board member. A reoccurring key to success is the quality of the management team, the communication/connection between the respective stakeholders and helping key persons manage their personal and professional lives. Paresh has a cross cultural back ground – UK, USA, Africa and India. He occasionally hosts yoga sessions for charity.

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Recent Teleclasses

Peter Baily

 Thursday 23rd March, 12pm GMT

Emotions will determine what happens in 2017. How do you feel about this?

How might it be to feel as comfortable with anger and grief as joy or pleasure? What if you could confidently express what you felt, what you needed, no matter what the circumstance or whom you were with?

Becoming more aware of our emotional feelings, understanding what they are, seeing where they come from and listening to what they tell us about needs (those of others as well as our own) is fundamental to individual, team and leadership effectiveness.

This fast-paced, high energy, teleclass actively explores the emotional energy and capacity that lies at the core of personal and professional success. Participants will engage in a facilitated processes and discussions to deepen awareness and understanding of emotions as a powerful source of energy, wisdom, self-awareness and direction.

Associates will:

  1. Through observing your feelings, and using those to inform what needs to happen, you will become more able to negotiate and influence the change you really want to see.
  2. Gain confidence in effectively dealing with emotional situations;
  3. Experience how you can choose and influence the interplay of intellectual thought, emotional feeling and physical sensation;
  4. Listen more attentively to what your feelings might be telling you, become empowered by consciously choosing more effective responses and so enhance personal and professional relationships.


About the Facilitator

Peter Baily is an executive coach, mountaineer and creative soul. His deepest desire is to see a sustainable world in his lifetime.

As executive coach, he works with CEOs and Senior Managers in Social Enterprises, NGOs and Charities including MSF, Friends of the Earth, 38 Degrees, Oak Foundation and Global Greengrants.


Joanne Heeson

Tuesday 24th January, 12pm GMT

Commitment Management: How to work more effectively with others

Effective communication is at the heart of coordinating action with others. The whole area of communication has a diverse array of perspectives ranging from time management, to managing commitments, clarifying expectations, observing actual words we use and, not least, the messages our non-verbal communication project.

This tele-call will provide both knowledge and a space for reflection and group interaction. The call is designed to both respond to the needs of the participants and will have an emphasis on our somatic ways of being in communication.

Participants will:

  • Understand the difference between time management and commitment management – discovering and harnessing the power of effective communication in managing our commitments
  • Understand the importance of a clear Yes/No
  • Deepen our somatic relationship with the power of key speech acts such as clear requests, offers and promises

About the Facilitator

With a background in organizational leadership and coaching, Jo Heeson is fascinated by how we use the power of our communication to get things done. Jo believes that in today’s world we have a need for working effectively with others (managing tasks) and at the same time, taking care of our requirement for connection and community with others. She spends most of her time working as a leadership coach in the not-for-profit sector and as an Ortho-bionomist. She has recently completed the Embodied Facilitator Course and is passionate about how our somatic experiences is used as an integral part of real change. Jo is British and has lived in several countries including Germany, Chile, Mexico, the USA and she is now based in beautiful Switzerland with her family.