We are a group of coaches passionate about learning coming together with our clients through a sense of shared purpose; through our work together, we will uncover our brilliance and boundless potential and see outside ourselves to create new futures.

We never stop asking ourselves questions about learning – what is learning, when does it thrive, what gets in the way, why is it important.

We believe that diversity is an essential component in the business of transformation; we are a group of associates separated by geography and connected by passion; we are located in Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Chile, UK.

We speak many languages, come from different cultures, are an equal balance of male and female and stretch across several generations.

Our work is steeped in many different disciplines – Neurolinguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Somatics, Emotional Intelligenec, Martial Arts. One of our central pillars is a methodology developed by the Newfield Network called Ontological Coaching. We work with how individuals, teams and organisations are being, not what they are doing. Transformation is born out of being different, not doing things differently.

Many of our programmes are informed by real life experience; we work with horses, take teams into the mountains, mix coaching with facilitation and mindfulness with succession planning.

Our Difference