Our Mission

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create an international network of Kairos Project Hubs that will offer social and environmental organisations affordable and accessible coaching-based learning and development.

We believe that current practices in the world are not sustainable and that we, the coaching profession, are in a powerful position to help these organisations create a better future.

Coaching-based learning is highly effective at facilitating change. We will make sure that these organisations have the best possible chance of achieving their missions.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A sustainable world in our lifetime.

We dream of a world where social enterprises are mainstream enterprises; and our collective energies, talents and brilliant minds are engaged in meeting the social and environmental challenges of our times.

We dream of a kind and fair world where we honour and respect each other and our planet – no matter what our religion, gender or race; where we measure our success by the wellbeing of the whole.

What Coaching is to us