Leadership: Using Family and Organisational constellations to explore leadership challenges (and wider) within ourselves and our organisations.  An experiential ‘Silent’ Family and Organisations Workshop was organised in London September, 2018.

It was facilitated by the very experienced Gerhard Walper (according to Bert Hellinger) and organised by one of our Associates, Paresh Kanani, who has wide experience in this space. 


Gerhard Walper


The event was composed of:

a) A Kairos constellation afternoon to explore leadership and other within The Kairos Project. 

b) An open introduction evening to anyone

c) A weekend workshop (outside of Kairos).  This not only allowed participants to explore personal, organisational issues but also blockages around leadership in all its forms.  The workshop was widely attended with many flying in from various parts of Europe and beyond.

Given the success of this event, Paresh intends to organise a follow up Work Shop and ‘client’ day in April or May 2019. Dates and logistics are being finalised with some potential dates on either 4-7 April or 9-12 May, 2019.  

The intention is to follow a similar format to September, further expand/deepen the content and to bring this unique body of work to an wider audience. – a) Expand the ‘Kairos afternoon’ into a wider Kairos clients and non Kairos clients day; b) An introductory evening open to all; c) Weekend workshop of experiential learning (outside of Kairos) open to all. 

Please contact Paresh Kanani on [email protected] or on or on [email protected]

The Kairos Project Associate: Paresh Kanani