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We offer an integrated, purposeful and accessible approach to unleash leadership and team potential.

Our work is steeped in many different disciplines – embodiment and emotional intelligence, martial arts, communication tools and mindfulness. We co-create with our clients powerful learning environments that bring about more authenticity, awareness, impact and ease.

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Inner Peace and Balance for Uncertain Times

In five online lessons (1.5 hours ), you will learn the art of meditation and how this can be used to manage, navigate and deal with overwhelm, stress and complexity. Our Associate, Robin, uses pragmatic methods to help you develop your practice and access the inner peace and balance at the heart of Zen meditation.

Friday 10 July – Friday 7th August, 10:00 – 11.30 BST – 5 week Zen Meditation Course – Find out more

Reinventing Organisations Experiential Workshop

Experience how the leaders of tomorrow are generating new and compelling futures for their organisations. Understand the best historical practice and how to grow and transform to meet new challenges.

A compelling day of music story telling and organisational design that will drive new practice into the very heart of everything you do.


Next events:

Istanbul, Turkey and Stroud, UK – Postponed until further notice due to the coronva virus.

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Our team are dedicated to providing accessible leadership development to all.

Here we share our insights and learnings. Full selection of articles here.

Staying Calm and Focused in the Time of Corona

Staying Calm and Focused in the Time of Corona

The Corona Crisis puts all of us to the test. We are having to rapidly adjust to new working and living conditions, many of us are facing extra stress and real losses. We are inundated with news (and fake news) – the sense of disorientation, powerlessness and...

How to Communicate Competently Across Cultures

How to Communicate Competently Across Cultures

Do you think that English as a common working language is enough to ensure your global team flourishes? Does your team often create misunderstanding rather than communicate effectively? Do you think the team may benefit from knowing how to navigate the intercultural...

How our Reinventing Organisations Experiential Workshop Emerged

How our Reinventing Organisations Experiential Workshop Emerged

Reinventing Organizations Experiential Workshop: A protected space that allows you to experience, remember and integrate other ways of being an organisation.   I thank The Kairos Project team for inviting me to write the following article about the experience of...