We offer an integrated, purposeful and accessible approach to unleash leadership and team potential. Our work is steeped in many different disciplines – embodiment and emotional intelligence, martial arts, communication tools and mindfulness. We co-create with our clients powerful learning environments that bring about more authenticity, awareness, impact and ease.

Executive Coaching

Expand; know thyself; access the infinite capability that lies within you. Read more.

Team Coaching

Connect to values, align purpose; transform mindset from self to shared purpose. Read more.

Cross Cultural Competence

Become more competent in building relationships, influence across cultures. Read more.

Leadership Through Challenges

Shift from coping to bring it on; from victim to player. Read more.

Leadership Development with Horses

Imagine new distinctions about leadership, a “felt” experience of authentic leadership. Read more.


More aware, more open, more choice. Read More.