Dedicated to the Sustainable Goals

We believe that working towards the SDGs is the most important work on earth. And we believe that professional development
is critical in enabling the change agents of our time to meet today’s enormous challenges.
All funders know that in reality they are backing people; for it is the leaders of these organisations that will either drive impact and make a difference or not. Our aim is to work alongside over 700 of these leaders in five years in order to give them the best possible chance of succeeding in their missions.

Our Impact

We partner with our clients to help them increase their funding capability, transform the way they work together, become more resilient and agile. Please refer to the following examples for details of our work and impact with recent clients.

Campaign to Protect Rural England

Impact: significant change in thinking, language and ideas; shift to a more positive place; taking more risk; influence change with more confidence

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Impact: critical change in the mindset of their coaches; new ways of delivering their programmes; coaches more productive, more positive, more empathetic.

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Street Games

Impact: transformed approach and thinking within the organisation; investment in Street Games has gone further, deeper understanding of challenges.

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